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Three fatalities in one week on a lake due to bad wiring, no gfi, gfci outlets.

  Check out this article, and then you will see the importance of having gfi outlets on your own home and business. According to a preliminary autopsy report released late last week on Brayden Anderson, the cause of death was inadequate delivery of oxygen to the brain due to insufficient […]

Home inspection checklist: Check out this article.  It’s a typical home inspection check list with lots of pictures, that we see on thousands of homes we have worked on, and been referred by the top local home inspectors.  Jeff Armstrong chief among them.  

Many home fires caused by electrical dryers.   Many home fires are caused by electrical dryers.  They also cause many shocks, on illegal three wire circuits, which sometimes can cause full current to travel through the metal case of the dryer, and through you, if the case is bonded to the neutral wire, which every three wire dryer does.  It’s an […]

gfi and arc fault protection. AFCIs, TRRs and GFCIs can and do prevent many tragedies  before they ever happen. Devices such as these have proven so effective that the  (NEC) requires them to be installed in all new homes. Existing homes with aging electrical systems also can be saved greatly from these advanced technologies, which should be installed […]

Chez Pannisse electical fire.  Alice waters may not have had this fire if she had hired Williams electric, 510 339-5601 to look at the existing electrical system.  Many of her light fixtures were hand made by Kip Meisrow: Verdigris copper.  I don’t thing any of them were U.L. listed or tested.   If the existing panels are […]