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Electrician, find electrician oakland, electrical contractor, piedmont berkeley montclair village, for panel installation or replacement, or new panels or new circuits. Repairing your wiring is not an upgrade to your system; it’s an upgrade to your soul.  It will save your family and anyone else who buys your home. Williams Electric|510-339-5601 6114 La salle ave. 94611|electricain serving Oakland, Piedmont Berkeley, electrical work, electrical contractor, electrical panel change, electrical remodel, electrical renovation, residential and commercial electrical work for Oakland ca, based in 94611 zip code, in Montclair village in Oakland hills near Temescal, and Rockridge neighborhoods.

Williams Electric is dedicated to education, providing safety awareness and advocating for electrical safety within homes and the workplace.  We save people, kids and your pets from awful shocks, fires and smoke inhalation.  We do that on a daily basis by repairing electrical systems, grounding systems, outlets, knob and tube wiring removal, running new electrical circuits, providing electric car circuits and new lines, fixing wiring violations.


The Team


-Same as the old team!  Small husband wife team for the last 20 years.  40 years experience myself in the field.——————————————————————————————————————————————

The Williams Electric Promise: What should our clients expect?

Since 1970, I’ve spent 60,000 hours on the job, which has included many residential and commercial sites.  I’ve installed 1,500 PG&E main service entrances, thousands of sub panels and countless other jobs with no problems at all.  I have an A.S. degree, in science and electricity (1976–1981).   Unlike most electricians, I understand current, voltage, and wattage at a molecular level.  My father had me working on houses in 1970 when I was thirteen years old.  He was a city of Richmond property appraiser and a local flipper.  I know every aspect of the property sale, for buyers and sellers. I have seen multiple mistakes, pitfalls, and hazards.



Unlike most electricians, I list each repair/job, by priority, and itemize each, so it’s not just a lump sum you see, but a price for each item, such as mains, grounding systems, fuse panel changes, permits and administration costs. Clients see the cost for each item, instead of
a single total amount.  I maintain quality, even on the smallest of budgets.  No extras or changes will be done without prior price notification and client authorization.  Therefore, price misunderstandings are rare.



I have never had a suit or bond claim, or failed to complete a job.  I have a high FICO score and a clean work and DMV record.


On line reviews: I’ve had no bad online reviews, as of 05/2014  by over 12,000 clients in over 40 years of service.   That’s almost impossible to do, given the amount of noise, dirt, extra costs sometimes incurred, and the range of personalities we have served.   Through Yelp, Thumbtack, Service Magic, etc, we have had about 75 five star reviews, and have been hired by the local top home inspectors, such as Jeff Armstrong, who was known to be a very decent man, and a top pro home inspector, to work on their own homes.  They see everyone’s work.  They know we do good work, and they are paid to be judges, better than anyone, as it is their job to notice such things.



I am on time for all my meetings.  Start and end dates will be adhered to as a part of every contract. I will be on time to meet the clients for orientation, access, and key drops.



I can very often show up the same day called for estimate, especially if there is a time constraint, such as a contingency or inspection deadline. If you leave me a message, I will return it within the same day if possible. I can handwrite fire and electrocution hazard reports on the spot.



I am committed to surpassing industry standards on each job, whether high or low budget.  No used materials are ever allowed.     I only use sharp blades on job sites.  I know
how to pass inspection the first time. Inspectors know us and have sometimes referred us to their acquaintances.  Some have even given me their personal cell numbers.



I use safe work procedures.  All family members, pets, and personal belongings are treated with professional respect and empathetic consideration.  Some clients
have even asked me to pet sit for them. Despite my large belt, pets naturally like me.  I have been called a “pet whisperer.”



It’s hard to find a more experienced electrician at the same price.


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