Our Warranty


I carry all necessary state licenses and bonds, and am insured to $2,000,000. I have never had a single fire damage claim, or bond, or lawsuit, any Williams electric work in many thousands of jobs and many perfectionist clients. (3500–5000 clients)  Our work is warranted for one year on labor and material, with the exception of lamps and light fixtures. I recommend that customers should not use 100 watt lamps in 60 watt fixtures and check with me for better prices and wider

choices before buying lights. I can give you our contractor discounts and advice.  Many thousands of previous clients have enjoyed safer homes, and harmonic peace of mind after we removed numerous fire and electrocution hazards.

Electricity causes both fire and smoke, and from very personal experience, painful shocks. And yet, even the most experienced men are burned and mutilated every day all over the world.

If hiring a general contractor, make doubly certain they are licensed and experienced to run their circuits, and not just use their own carpenters and laborers to run wires.  Unfortunately, contractors using unskilled laborers to run wires has become common place for economic reasons.  Many clients do not discover electrical defects for ten years or more, such as an over hammered staple behind the sheet rock. Staple fires are created by inexperienced electricians.


Thank you for the chance to become part of your team.  Thank you for giving us the chance to bid on your job.  I hope you will consider our long and varied experience when you make your selection of an electrician.  I offer free fire/electrocution hazard reports for buyer information.

The most dangerous system in any building is without a doubt, the electrical system, especially in earth quake country. I see electrical damages every week, and have seen flame leap up before my eyes, and have felt awful shocks that early  killed me due to others bad work.


My Promise to You and All Clients

  • A problem free job
  • Delivered on time
  • Delivered on budget
  • Professional respect given to everyone


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