Panel Upgrade/Change


typical knob and tube wiring we see in crawl spaces

typical knob and tube wiring we see in crawl spaces.


Prevent fire hazards in college dorms.

Prevent fire hazards in college dorms.


It’s your wallet or your life.

PG&E expert panel changes.  Can you afford not to fix your home and save your family?

PG&E expert panel changes. Can you afford not to fix your home and save your family?

Many people have ignored our findings, and later suffered fires, and ignored their home inspectors, their realtors, and every expert opinion just to save the wallet.

We Change Federal Pacific Panels, Stab Loks, Fuses, Zinsco Panels and PG&E Mains.

Are you selling your home?

Nothing helps to sell your home better than a hot new panel!



We are on time and expect clients to be on time as well. Start and end dates are a part of every contract. I will be on time to meet the clients for orientation, access, and key drops.


We Pass All Inspections

We have passed thousands of inspections in Contra Costa and Alameda counties. The inspectors know us and sometimes refer us.



Since 1970, I’ve spent 60,000 hours on the job, which has included many residential and commercial sites. I’ve installed 1,500 PG&E main service entrances, and thousands of sub panels, and countless furnace and AC circuits. I also have an A.S. degree, in science and electricity. I understand current, voltage, wattage at a molecular level. My father had  me working on jobs when I was thirteen years old.


We are familiar with the NEC code re: furnace, and AC

We run dedicated circuits, install switched lights, GFIs, and the proper disconnection means, no matter what the tonnage or size of your equipment. Roof outlets included.


Compare Our Prices

You will not be able to find a cheaper price for a more experienced professional electrician.



We will not go over the proposal amount quoted to clients, unless extra work is added.


Professional with Clients

Nothing has ever gone missing, nor any similar problem, on any of our jobs in thirty years. Not one law suit for any reason, such as failure to complete, harassment, theft, etc.


Good with Clients

We have successfully completed thousands of contracts with no problems at all.



We clean the job fully at the end.


Owner Does All Estimates & Work

We have no laborers. We don’t make rookie mistakes.


Sharp Tools & Modern Equipment

We sharpen our drills and blades during off times. We don’t use dull saws, hole saws, or sawzall blades. We use new material, mains, breakers, Nema 3R disconnects, SSUS, and all are NEC compliant. We use leveled ladders to decrease the chance of job injury. I have learned to use the right tools.


1,500 PG&E Main Changes

All mains can be changed in one work day.


3,000 Fuse Panels, Stab-Lok, and Zinsco Panel Changes

We know from experience which panels are fire prone: ie, fpe stab lok, Sylvania zinsco, fuse panels.


Same Day Estimates

Call and we will come and give a price in writing that day, from Richmond to San Leandro.


Same Day Call Returns

If you leave me a phone message, that call will be returned that same day. Rarely, we are on vacation.



We start with an appointment, estimate, then ask for signature, and a start date. On the start date we go through orientation, and make sure we have access or a key. We respond quickly. We pass inspection and then ask for payment.



Williams Electric Service Truck properly upfitted for Residential/Commercial service and repair.

Williams Electric Service Truck properly upfitted for Residential/ Commercial service and repair.

We use specialized, one of a kind trucks designed for our work.








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