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LED LIGHTSWilliams-Electric-TeamWE have remodeled over 100 bath rooms.  The bath room needs a dedicated 20 amp 120 volt GFCI circuit, that is separated from any fans or lights in the room.  That is due to hair blow dryer loads, at 1550 Watts, that is  1550/120 volts= 12.92 amps drawn, too high for just a 15 amp line.  Any other lights in the room on the same line can easily overload it.  Many people do not know this and do the job in a dangerous way, with uncertified electrician handymen/helper types who don’t know the code and don’t care about the code.


bath room remodel

WE have installed recessed lights, fan light, fluorescent lights, led lights, sconces, in the floor heaters, low voltage lights, 12 volt recessed can lights, incandescent lights, angled trims, in many bath room remodels.


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