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Real estate inspection, electrical home inspection free no charge for estimate, immediate help,  new home buyer electrical inspection report, home buyer inspection of panels, grounding system, outlets two prong, immediate help before contingency deadline runs out, contingency deadline inspection thumbtack yelp quick fast cheap good help.  This is what we look for in any home inspection, and we will find more than any pro home inspector because he is not in the field every day like I am.  He is not a pro electrician with 40 years of crawling through basements and attics! What the seller may not have told you may literally hurt. Your electrical system has some very dangerous flaws which may cause shocks and fire. There are knob/tube wires, dangerous panels, fuse panels, Federal Pacific Stab-lok panels and Sylvania-Zinsco panels.  Just go online and Google images for: Stab-lok or Zinsco panels or Federal Pacific circuit breaker fires.  Breakers burn in these panels secretly. You have no grounding system, no ground rod, no water main bond, no hot‐cold‐gas line bonding, which can lead to an energized gas pipe line and shocks/electrocution. You have no gfi outlet protection: no water area/concrete area electrocution protection. You have illegal “flying” splices on knob tube in the house: junction boxes open: dangerous wires installed by handymen: hired by home sellers to save money.your wires are too small for their load causing the small knob tube wires to heat up and cause fires. Your pg&e main panel is old. it has bare wires, old, overloaded, underfused, double lugged, ancient wire insulation that is too small for modern appliances. You have bad aluminum fire prone wire in your PG&E line, panel and dryer/ovens. Your dryer and oven have 3 wire circuits. (neutral is tied to the ground causing shocks.) You have bad wiring in your attic which will cause a fire. Your garbage disposal is wired directly with an old bx metal line next to water lines. Your light fixtures are too old and have burned the wires due to the heat of the light bulbs over many years, and the wire is burning underneath the old light. The previous home owner used handymen who did not do good work. You don’t have enough circuits to handle the load or current on the wires. There are not enough outlets installed in rooms without extension cords. Your old outlets have only two prongs and are very old, painted over. Your old light switches and fixtures are arcing/sparking and too old to work safely.   – See more at: http://www.geoffwilliamselectric.com/new-home-buyer-inspection-oakland-electrician/#sthash.frTzWp7f.dpuf


PG&E expert panel changes. Can you afford not to fix your home and save your family?

PG&E expert panel changes. Can you afford not to fix your home and save your family?

Williams Electric Service Truck properly upfitted for Residential/Commercial service and repair.

Williams Electric Service Truck properly upfitted for Residential/Commercial service and repair.



Master electrician Geoff Williams interviewed by NBC

Master electrician who has changed more federal pacific panels than any other electrician

Water pipe gas pipe grounding,

Water pipe and gas pipe bonding, grounding system

Water main ground clamp

Water main bond

grounding system, ground rod clamp

ground acorn clamp for ground rods, proper clamp

typical knob and tube wiring we see in crawl spaces

typical knob and tube wiring we see in crawl spaces.

bad knob and tube wiring in the attic is typica

bad knob and tube wiring in the attic is typical

burned light fixture

light fixture burning wires

arc fault circuit breakers save lives and prevent fires.

arc fault circuit breaker

Electrical Fuse Panel

Electrical Fuse Panel

Prevent fire hazards in college dorms.

Prevent fire hazards in college dorms.

We Change Federal Pacific Panels, Stab Loks, Fuses, Zinsco Panels, PG&E Mains, and run Furnace & AC Circuits up to code.