Roikoe R., Berkeley, CA, Yelp

Williams-Electric-TeamWe had Williams Electric out to completely rewire the house we bought.  It was built in 1924 and had an electrical system from 1924.  There was exactly ONE outlet in the living room which is one more outlet than there was in the dining room.  Geoff did all the work in less time than he said it would take and did a perfect job.  He even agreed to except payment out of escrow when we needed some things done to pass the appraisal required by the mortgage company before we actually bought the house.  He dissuaded us from doing expensive bathroom modifications that weren’t necessary.  He installed a fan/light combo and two “cans” that look great and cost less than the plans we had for an over the vanity system.  He drew up a plan for kitchen lighting that makes our kitchen look awesome and required fewer lights than we were ready to pay for. He knows what he’s talking about and brings not just dozens of years of experience as an electrician but an artist’s vision.  He even stayed late one night–FOR FREE–to help me hang my flat screen TV!  He’s a good guy and a good electrician and I can’t imagine using anybody else.

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