What Happens When People Get Shocked?

Here is a video and an  article on what happens when people get shocked and hurt by electricity.  Shows a hot dog bursting into flame, which is what happens to your body.

http://www.wtov9.com/news/news/officials-show- odot-workers-dangers-live-electrica/nS96W/

 By Briona Arradondo


A group of power company officials dispelled myths about live power lines Monday to county workers with the Ohio Department of Transportation in Jefferson County.

South Central Power Company performed a demonstration on what happens when workers come in contact with live electrical lines. Officials said they want workers to know what to do in case there is a live line down, especially in winter weather.

“We came up with this program, our safety department did, several years[ago], just to promote awareness and education to the public and businesses,” said Chuck Fisher, an energy adviser with South Central Power Co.

Energy advisers used shoes, a glove or even a hot dog — in place of a finger – to show how much damage 7,200 volts of electricity does.

“You get into a lot of snow and ice, [and] you could have a down power line laying across the road,” said Rick Hunsicker, the ODOT District 11 manager. “It could still be live and energized.”

Drivers can come in contact with anything, and safety is paramount, Fisher said.

“All our work is within the road right of way, and that’s where those power lines are,” said Hunsicker. “We have backhoes, and we have excavators. We’re working within the road right of way.”

Officials said it’s important to know the hazards high voltage present, and Fisher said he hopes what they taught indoors will stick with workers out on the roads.

“If there is an incident, follow the safety procedures to be safe until a qualified utility worker can come verify that there is no danger anymore,” said Fisher.

Power company officials said everyone should remember that a live line is dangerous no matter how high or low it is to the ground.