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WAll of shame. Burned stab lok federal pacific panel|Williams Electric|510 339-5601

Another burned federal pacifc stab lok panel repaired/replaced by Williams Electric in Oakland ca.  This house had 8 space heaters and added to the burning panel.    <h1> <font color=”red”>Best of yelp electrician Oakland, Berkeley, piedmont, montclair. Repairing your electrical wiring is not an upgrade to your system; it’s an upgrade to your […]

Women change trades to become electricians. 600 women make the switch with this program.  Women change trades to become electricians.  600 women move to skilled trades on this program. Williams electric with 40 years of experience, has seen many women on site as electricians, and have worked for many same sex couples as well as having worked side by side with many straight tradeswomen on sites.  More power […]

Electrician burned while working on a panel, on the face, arms, and chest, on a short circuit he caused.  Electrician burned while working on a panel, on the face, arms, and chest, but a short circuit he caused.  This can happen even to experts.

Family home survives forest fire and burns up a week later due to electrical violation. Williams electric best of yelp oakland piedmont berkeley montclair hills village A Springs family working to figure out what comes next. Their home was spared in the Black Forest fire, but then they lost it yesterday in an unrelated house fire. Just one week after Richard Reynolds and his family were allowed back into their home- a fire not connected to the wildfire destroyed it. […]

Electrician arrested for stealing electricity by switching his meter out with a meter of someone else.  This is what can happen to you if you switch your meter, or fool with the pge power to by pass the bill.  Las Cruces electrician, arrested for a fourth degree felony theft of meter and power.  Marcelino Sedillos.

Don’t try to change your own circuit breakers, or this might happen:   Lots of guys get hit/by wires that they unintentionally short out during the  removal and reinstallation of their own electrical panel covers.  CAll Williams Electric 510 339-5601 to avoid panel fire/shocks. Serving Oakland, CA and surrounding area, including: Berkeley, CA Berkeley hills North Berkeley Oakland hills Rockridge Dimond district China […]

Pv systems required to be arc fault protected.  See this article on pv low voltage systems. field deployments. The collaboration of Synapse and Shoals aims to reduce fires, burns and other damages associated with faulty power system operations, all by advances in wireless technology. This is an exemplary way of harnessing the powerful potential of cloud enabled software, said Jason Whitaker, CTO, […]

Crawl space corner. This is what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

    Muddy water and dirt don’t mix well with electricity, and electrocution is the second leading cause of death on job sites.  Call Williams electric, oakland berkeley montclair piedmont albany kensington for immediate electrical repairs.  Gfi, gfci, electric shock repairs, fuse panel, pg&e upgrade panel, grounding system, knob tube wiring, attic wiring repairs, basement […]

WAll of shame. Burned main zinsco sylvania breaker.

            Burned main sylvania zinsco circuit breaker, Oakland ca. williams electric, call 510 339-5601  Replace main circuit breaker, sylvania zinsco, federal pacific, knob and tube, pg&e panel repair, replace, replacement removal, fuse panel, main, r&r, find electrician, berkeley, piedmont, montclair ca.

Home warranties don’t always protect your home.  Check this article out, and have Williams Electric do a free inspection, call 510 339-5601.